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Right Hand Drive Conversion | Quality & Safety Checklist

We have set up this checklist to help you tell a good right hand drive conversion from a bad one. If the conversion is not finished off well on the outside, then how bad is it where you can't see?

At Crossover Car Conversions and Mustang Motorsport we pride ourselves on the quality and finish of all conversions and other work we perform. Our extensive experience and specialist staff work tirelessly to ensure every facet of each vehicle's conversion and compliance is completed to the highest of standards. We welcome your inspection of our vehicles, and will happily explain the entire conversion process.

For over 30 years we have been studying the workmanship of other conversion shops, and have found very few that have been perfect throughout the whole conversion process in replicating the original manufactured integrity.

The information we provide here assist you to pay particular attention to in order to ascertain the quality of workmanship before you hand over the cash for your dream car. At best, a bad conversion will give the car a poor value and be a poor investment. At worst, it could be extremely dangerous!

Please understand that just because a company has the ability to market well and holds compliance approval from the Australian Government does not mean the job is done right! Just like a Roadworthy Certificate, they only measure compliance to basic standards, not the quality of the vehicle or job.

Dashboard & Steering Column

Does the dashboard fit up neatly and in line?
Check: instrument fascia, passenger airbag, lower panels, glove box door, centre console.
Is the steering wheel in line with the centre of the seat?
Does the adjustable steering column move freely?
Icon - Acceptable This area or item of the vehicle's conversion has most likely been done to an acceptable level of quality and workmanship, and doesn't appear to be a quality or safety issue
Warning There may be an issue with the quality and/or finish of the conversion, which is not necessarily critical to the vehicle's operation and/or safety